Scheugenpflug recently announced a new cell solution for demanding dispensing tasks. The DispensingCell DC803 was specially designed to meet the requirements of industrial series production with high quantities and short cycle times.

The multifunctional cell can be used to cover numerous tasks, ranging from potting and the application of liquid seals and adhesives to the sealing of sensitive electronic surfaces. The DispensingCell DC803 has been designed especially for productions with medium to high quantities. According to the company, the servo motor technology and the high-performance axis system allow high traversing speeds and thus short cycle times for matrix and bead applications. The plug-and-produce principle ensures fast commissioning.

The new multifunctional cell is based on standardized modules that are individually assembled according to customer specifications. It can be combined with all Scheugenpflug dispensers and material preparation and/or feeding units. This allows for a very individual and customer-specific system planning.

The scope of features and degree of automation of the DispensingCell DC803 can also reportedly be flexibly adapted. In addition to being used as a stand-alone system, its inline variant can be integrated directly into existing production lines. The cell can also be equipped with additional equipment such as handling systems or joining technology. In order to ensure reliable dispensing results, numerous options for process monitoring are available.

Scheugenpflug reports that the integrated control unit allows for simple and intuitive cell operation. Users have a continuous overview of all relevant process data on a 15.6-in. multi-touch display. Predefined functions for the most common dispensing tasks and a quick access to relevant process parameters ensure greater efficiency. The optional programming tool complements and extends the operating software. With this tool, users can quickly and easily create complex dispensing programs.

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