DELO has launched a new die-attach adhesive that offers high strength after aging. According to tests performed in conjunction with machine integrator ASM Assembly Systems, a global manufacturer of SMT placement machines and solutions, DELO MONOPOX EG2596 can reportedly be dispensed more precisely than its predecessor, DELO MONOPOX MK096. This new fluorescent adhesive is suitable for long-term use in semiconductor and surface mount technology applications.

DELO MONOPOX EG2596 can be used on printed circuit boards to fix components and act as electrical insulation. It is temperature resistant and offers good dispensing properties, meeting the increasing miniaturization requirements in today’s electronics.

The company reports that this heat-curing, one-component epoxy resin adhesive exhibits a 150% higher strength after seven days of storage at 85% relative air humidity and a temperature of 85˚C. DELO MONOPOX EG2596 maintains strong adhesion even after typical aging tests (e.g., the MSL1 test), in accordance with JEDEC standard. When using 1x 1 mm² silicon dies, the test revealed adhesion values of 47 N on FR4 substrate and 62 N on gold.

DELO MONOPOX EG2596 reportedly has a high thixotropy index of about 9. The higher the index value, the more flow resistant the dispensing pattern will be after the dispensing process. The thixotropic properties of this die-attach adhesive ensure that it can be applied very finely in a low-viscous state because of the shear in the dispensing valve.

After dispensing, viscosity increases again in fractions of a second, preventing the resin from flowing. This allows the adhesive to be built up in individual droplets and then shaped in a controlled manner, without it spreading into areas that should remain free of adhesive. Even during heat curing, the adhesive drop reportedly remains dimensionally stable. Curing takes place in 10 min at 130°C.

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