Toyochem Co., Ltd., a member of the Toyo Ink Group, has developed a new Cyabine™ series of polyurethane pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) with an ultra-high solids content of 99% or more. The new adhesive composition reportedly achieves the same performance levels as conventional solvent-based PSAs while reducing solvent and volatile content to minimal levels. The adhesives are suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications, such as protective films

In recent years, countries around the world have been taking urgent action to mitigate climate change and its impact. This is also true in the field of adhesives, where much research is being conducted in the area of renewable materials derived from bio-based polymers. While petroleum solvents had been extensively used in adhesive systems of the past, there has been a growing call to reduce or eliminate the solvent content as a countermeasure to address environmental concerns.

To meet the demand for lower VOC-emitting products, Toyochem reports that it has been gradually building on its lineup of high-solids content adhesive compositions with high levels of non-volatile content. This new PSA product was the outcome of new technological developments in synthesis and crosslinking methods developed by Toyochem. These advances allowed the company to engineer a new high-solids system that contributes to reduced CO2 gases during coating and drying processes for a safer, more environmentally sound work environment.

Typically, the more solids that an adhesive mixture contains, the higher its viscosity is, making it more difficult to coat. To resolve this issue, Toyochem researchers applied its original polymer and crosslink design technology to control chemical reactivity in the development of a new formulation with low viscosity and high solids content while maintaining performance standards. In addition, the company reports that a unique synthesis method was introduced, making it possible to keep solvent content down to very low levels. These new developments enabled Toyochem to achieve near-100% solids formulations that exhibit excellent transparency, reworkability, and air release properties on par with conventional pressure-sensitive adhesives.

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