Huntsman Advanced Materials has announced the launch of its ARALDITE® 2000 Adhesive Core Range, designed to help businesses across virtually every industry maximize productivity by covering up to 80% of all bonding needs, from assembling high-performance products to making repairs in tough conditions. The ARALDITE Adhesive Core Range comprises nine high-performance adhesives that the company reports can simplify product selection, reduce stock keeping unit (SKU) inventory, and minimize worker training.

The ARALDITE Adhesive Core Range consists of three technologies: epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane. The adhesive products are reportedly resistant to impact, high temperatures, water, and chemicals while offering a variety of colors, open times, viscosities, and appearances. 

Huntsman reports that these products enable greater innovation, performance, and sustainability, with well-proven applications across bus and truck, rail, wind, marine, and general industry. Meeting stringent industry safety standards, the range includes products with KIWA approval; Lloyd’s Register approval; and conformity to HL3 requirements, Class R1 and R7, of the Railway European Fire Protection Standard EN 45545-2.

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