Sergio Grunder, Ph.D., scientist at DuPont Mobility & Materials, has been named a 2021 Automotive News Europe Rising Star. As technology leader for DuPont™ BETATECH™ thermal interface materials, Grunder and his team are working to help meet the growing demands from OEMs and their customers for EV batteries that are safer, more durable, and have longer range. He reportedly impressed the committee with his deep scientific expertise, backed by 26 patent filings and his ability to drive the global development of innovative applications for tomorrow’s electric and hybrid electric vehicles, notably automotive adhesives and thermal interface materials critical to safety and service life.

“We are very proud that Sergio was recognized with this important industry award,” said Andreas Lutz, global adhesives technology leader for DuPont Mobility & Materials. “His passion, expertise and innovative thinking is helping DuPont lead the way as the industry continues to transform, requiring new solutions for advanced mobility.”

This 11th annual program honors 25 executives on the manufacturing, supply, and mobility service sides of the automotive industry who have the talent and dedication necessary to become the industry leaders of tomorrow. This is the second honor for the DuPont team. Kara Grasso, global strategy director of Advanced Mobility for DuPont Mobility & Materials, was also recently named an Automotive News Rising Star.

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