Avery Dennison Performance Tapes has announced the availability of a new portfolio of tapes for acoustically insulated tires. These pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) solutions help bond noise-absorbing foam and other materials to the inside surface of vehicle tires.

“As elevated traffic density and drive-by-noise have been recognized as environmental issues, legislation to manage and reduce this impact has led to measures in many regions to reduce the noise emitted by tires,” said Scott Krusinski, product manager, Automotive & Other Transportation, Avery Dennison. “In addition, with the emergence of electric vehicles and less engine noise, the need to reduce interior vehicle noise has increased. This portfolio was developed to help customers address these needs.”

In order to suppress the rhythm of tire impacts, Avery Dennison offers a range of pure- and modified-acrylic adhesives optimized for polyurethane foam-to-tire bonding. The company reports that its acoustically insulated tire tapes portfolio has high adhesive coat weights that help to ensure excellent anchorage to porous, open cell foam structure. This results in an instant bond to the tire bladder that does not require heat or cure time, resulting in a quick manufacturing process.

The transfer tape construction reportedly enables resistance to flexing, compression, and impact with a bond strength greater than the internal strength of polyurethane foam. Another benefit is durability against time, high and low temperatures, and impacts to last the life of the tire.

Learn more about the new portfolio of tapes here.