Shurtape Technologies LLC recently announced its latest building envelope adhesive innovation: ShurGRIP™ UV-cured acrylic adhesive. ShurGRIP is a new formulation designed to enhance the performance and longevity of materials used in the building envelope, including flashing tapes, water-resistive barriers (WRBs), sheathing, and roof underlayments.

Designed to help improve the durability and energy efficiency of the buildings in which it is used, the new ShurGRIP UV-cured acrylic adhesive is reportedly a solvent-free acrylic adhesive formulated to provide an exceptional bond to an array of building materials and for high performance in any climate. It features excellent cold-temperature performance, including primerless adhesion to exterior glass-faced gypsum, plywood, and oriented strand board (OSB) at 0˚F (-18˚C), making installation easier, faster, and less susceptible to delays due to inclement weather.

Shurtape reports that ShurGRIP maintains high shear strength at temperatures up to 248˚F (120˚C), creating permanent, durable seals in all climates. With a broad application temperature range, this adhesive system increases the resilience of building envelopes in the extremes of desert, mountain, and marine environments while protecting inhabitants during extreme weather events.

ShurGRIP is also formulated for superior hanging and shear strength when adhered to itself for less sag and slide potential. It maintains performance despite building movement and shifts, providing long-term dependability. 

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