Hexion’s composite technology was recently recognized by the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) at its Annual Automotive Innovation Awards Program. An EPIKOTE™ epoxy resin system from Hexion specified by Rassini was recognized in the Chassis/Hardware category in the North American division and won the Grand Award, which is selected among the winners of all categories. In addition, Daimler was named the Grand Innovation SPE Award winner in the Power Train category of the Central European division with its submission of a gearbox carrier that incorporates Hexion’s EPIKOTE resin TRAC 06398-based epoxy system.

“In partnership with industry developers, we are constantly adapting our composite resin portfolio to answer manufacturers’ increasing need for strong yet lightweight alternatives to metal, that can be produced at faster speeds,” said to Ann Frederix, Hexion’s senior vice president for Coatings & Composites. “Our ongoing advances in resin technology can help manufacturers reduce vehicle weight and at the same time, hasten production of high-performance composite components.”

“We are pleased to be recognized by the SPE for this powerful demonstration of the positive impact of advanced epoxy-based materials,” said Francis Defoor, Hexion global market segment leader for transportation. “These awards represent our ongoing commitment to creating innovative new products with sustainable attributes on behalf of our valued customers, as well as our dedicated research and development teams.”

Rassini’s award highlighted the rear suspension system found in Ford Motor Co.’s 2021 F-150 pickup truck. Rassini has developed and manufactures the hybrid rear suspension, which consists of a parabolic main steel leaf supported by a composite helper. With this hybrid suspension, the same stiffness and durability as a conventional multi-steel leaf spring pack is achieved, while realizing a weight reduction of 30%. In addition to the positive impact this has on the vehicle’s overall carbon footprint and payload increase, the lighter weight component provides a smoother engagement, as well as less friction and noise.  

Rassini reportedly selected Hexion’s EPIKOTE resin TRAC 06150 with EPIKURE™ curing agent TRAC 06150 epoxy resin system because it enables the mass production of the composite helper spring. The EPIKOTE resin TRAC 06720 binder is essential for fabric stabilization and automated preforming of a large directional stack of fabric plies and is fully compatible with the fast-cure resin system.

Daimler’s award highlighted the carbon fiber component found in the AMG GT Black Series. Hexion’s EPIKOTE resin TRAC 06398-based epoxy system, which is specified by Daimler, enables the production of the lightweight structural part using a filament winding process while providing thermal resistance.  

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