An Emerging Leaders Workshop will be held April 25, co-located at the 2022 World Adhesive and Sealant Conference (WAC2022) in Chicago, Ill. Moderated by Trish Brandt, Weatherhead affiliate instructor and founder and president of Brandt Consulting LLC, the workshop has been developed to help new leaders develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Emerging Leaders Workshop will include facilitated discussion and will be structured to: develop logical, data-driven solutions to business and organizational problems; identify key business issues; and reach consensus about the nature of the problem to be solved, as well as the specific areas that will be explored to solve it. Attendees will learn: how to plan and organize faster, more effective, and efficient data collection; move beyond biases and assumptions, making their logic transparent and open to legitimate discussion and exploration of the data; nurture commitment and develop support during the problem solving process to drive results; and analyze the potential effectiveness of alternative solution options.

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