medmix recently announced that it is launching the first of a new generation of MK one-component, manual dispensers with an improved look and feel for long-lasting professional performance. The new MK H40+ dispenser reportedly benefits from a new ergonomic design for faster and easier professional dispensing, out-performing both its predecessor (H40) and other similar models. It can be used to apply adhesives and sealants in remote locations or tight spaces where compressed air and battery options are not appropriate or available.

The aluminum handle and steel frame construction include easy-clean, epoxy-coated components with a long lifespan mechanism designed for durable and reliable performance. While maintaining full compatibility with the classic range of 310-mL, one-component cartridges, the new universal frame design now contains a U-shaped opening for easy cartridge fit. It can also accommodate other ranges of MIXPAC™ two-component, coaxial cartridges such as MIXPAC New Peeler™ or Mixpeel™.

One of the new features in this dispenser is its trigger-integrated brake release for faster control of the bead. The new single handgrip operation produces even and consistent dispensing control throughout, resulting in a smoother, more precise flow control and application performance.

First manufactured and supplied by Krøger A/S, MK was acquired by Sulzer Mixpac in 2016. Under Sulzer Mixpac ownership this year, the MK brand is now also part of the medmix global product portfolio.

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