Evonik has developed a new epoxy-silicone copolymer, ALBIFLEX® 297. Available for electronics industry customers in all regions, ALBIFLEX 297 reportedly offers an optimal combination of flexibility with chemical and thermal stability that prevents material fatigue and helps increase the service life of the respective application.

According to Evonik, the product has excellent electrical and dielectric properties, high impact resistance, and nearly infinite variable elongation. In contrast to typical rigid and brittle epoxy resins, ALBIFLEX 297 offers high material flexibility of up to 145%, achieved by using the right mixing ratio with a standard resin.

ALBIFLEX 297 can be used in a broad range of applications. In sensor encapsulation, for example, the epoxy resin provides permanent protection for electronic components against external influences such as heat, moisture, vibration, or chemical effects. In addition, it can be used in fatigue-free adhesives, flexible substrates (e.g., copper-coated laminates), films, or optical applications.

“ALBIFLEX® 297 is particularly suitable for the fast-growing market for elastic adhesives, bonding and sealing compounds in electrical engineering and electronics,” said Stefan Schumann, technical director at Evonik Interface & Performance. “In addition, our customers can use our innovative new ALBIFLEX® copolymer as a substrate material for flexible printed circuit boards, and as a base polymer or additive for potting compounds in increasingly more sophisticated electronic components.”

Evonik reports that ALBIFLEX 297 can be crosslinked with all common curing agents for epoxy resins. Other potential fields of application, such as fiber composites and protective coatings, are currently being evaluated.

Additional details are available at www.evonik.com.