The powerful bio-based hot-melt adhesives of the Jowatherm® GROW series use pine resins as a raw material base. Apart from having a bio-based content of more than 30%, Jowatherm GROW 853.20 is very resource friendly and can be processed at temperatures starting from 120 °C. In combination with the very clean adhesive cut-off at the nozzle, it helps prevent the soiling of machine parts and packaging. An even higher proportion of over 50% bio-based raw materials is contained in Jowatherm GROW 853.22, an adhesive with a very wide range of adhesion for the reliable bonding of difficult surfaces. The high flexibility at low temperatures makes this adhesive an attractive partner in deep-freeze applications.

Energy savings of up to 45% are facilitated by Jowat-Toptherm® 851.99. This Jowat hot-melt adhesive couples an extremely low processing temperature starting from 99 °C with a wide range of adhesion and robust universal characteristics, making it an attractive choice for temperature-sensitive products, e.g. frozen food or confectionery. However, the MOAH-free (below typical detection limits) and accurately applicable hot melt adhesive also impresses in the packaging of dry and fatty food with long shelf lives.

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