Jowat recently announced the launch of its new Jowatherm® GROW product range, comprising bio-based hot melts for the environmentally compatible bonding of packaging. According to Jowat, the products feature high renewable raw materials content, which provides high efficiency and cleanliness during processing while facilitating recyclable bonds according to the German packaging law. Only resins made from crude liquid rosin are reportedly used in the adhesives’ formulation. Crude liquid rosin is a byproduct of the sustainable manufacture of paper and does not compete with food production.

Jowat will be showcasing two new adhesives from the series in hall 2, booth 2-326 at FachPack, which will be held September 24-26 in Nuernberg, Germany. The two products reportedly feature contents of bio-based materials of over 30% and over 45%, respectively. Application temperatures as low as 120˚C reportedly reduce energy consumption and contribute to the conservation of resources and the optimization of health aspects in the work environment.

According to Jowat, another benefit of the new product series is the precise adhesive application. The clean cut-off of the adhesive string at the nozzle prevents wasted material and keeps machine parts and packaging clean. Cleaning costs and standstills can therefore be reduced significantly, and the equipment’s lifespan can be increased.

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