Ellsworth Adhesives Europe recently confirmed its purchase of TRB Lightweight Structure’s Lord® adhesive business. This transaction reportedly makes Ellsworth Adhesives one of the largest distributors of Lord Corp. materials across Europe, with distribution rights for both Lord’s structural adhesives and electronic materials product ranges.

“We are delighted to have completed the purchase of TRB’s Lord structural adhesives business, a move that will immediately boost our share of the structural bonding market and facilitate future growth in this sector,” said John Henderson, managing director. “As part of the deal struck with TRB, its adhesives manager Kevin Felstead will transfer to our sales force here at Ellsworth, and is a welcome addition to the team.”

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Top 5 News that Sticks for January 22-28

1.Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Completes Purchase of TRB’s Adhesive Business Unit(#3 last week)

2. TiO2 Prices in China Still Booming (#4 last week)

3. Pilot Chemical Expands Leadership Team (#5 last week)

4. PPG Acquires Chinese Coatings Company

5. Asia-Pacific Leads Global Wood Adhesives Market Growth