Feature Articles:

This year, readers were most interested in our annual article listing of the top adhesive and sealant manufacturers, 2023 ASI Top 20: Leading Global Manufacturers of Adhesives and Sealants. Additionally, they enjoyed articles about new technology for formulators and the latest new products being developed in the adhesive and sealant space. Below is a list of the top feature articles of the year:



Industry News:

The latest news covering the top manufacturers in the business was a major interest to readers this year. A number of companies announced restructuring plans and acquisitions in 2023. The news item drawing the most interest in 2023 was H.B. Fuller’s announcement in May of its acquisition of Beardow Adams, a U.K.-based family-owned business. Other major news stories in 2023 include:



New Products:

Readers of ASI are always interested in the latest finished products, raw materials, and equipment that are driving productivity and innovation. Throughout the year, ASI publishes the latest news about the raw materials, equipment, and end-use products entering the market. In 2023, the product announcement that garnered the most interested was an extended-wear medical adhesive from 3M. Other products that caught readers’ attention include the following:



In this modern world, there are many ways for us to get information. At ASI, we offer our multi-media offerings, the Bonding with ASI podcast and our video series, so you can get the latest information in the easiest way possible. Our Bonding with ASI podcast offers listeners information about the latest events and technologies in the industry. The podcast that garnered the most downloads this year is a podcast in which Chelsey Seevers, part of the Adhesives and Sealants team at Covestro LLC, discussed how trends towards electrification and electric vehicles are impacting the adhesives industry. The following podcasts were the other most downloaded podcasts for 2023:


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