Our most popular feature articles of the year span a range of topics, including the world’s leading adhesives and sealants manufacturers, adhesives in automotive applications, various ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, and myriad raw materials innovations. These are the 25 most-viewed feature articles on the Adhesives & Sealants Industry website for 2020:

  1. 2020 ASI Top 20: Leading Global Manufacturers of Adhesives and Sealants
  2. The Rise of Automotive Adhesives: A Bonding Story
  3. Pressure-Sensitive Tape Solutions for Electronics
  4. How is COVID-19 Impacting the Adhesives and Sealants Industry?
  5. Trends in Construction Sealants and Adhesives
  6. Electric Vehicles and the Growing Significance of Adhesives and Sealants for Battery Assembly
  7. Adhesives and Sealants in Support of the European Green Deal
  8. Bio-Based Materials for Adhesives and Sealants: The Sustainability Revolution is Here
  9. Polyurethane Adhesive for Untreated Polypropylene
  10. Changing the Packaging Landscape with Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
  11. Understanding Carbonic Cleaning for Adhesive Bonding Applications
  12. Polythioether Advances Provide New Formulating Options for Adhesives, Sealants, and Coatings
  13. What Are Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Tapes?
  14. Surface Treatment with Atmospheric Plasma
  15. Advances in Reactive Hot-Melt Technology with Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
  16. Performance and Sustainability: Soy-Based Adhesives and Sealants Excel in Wide-Ranging Applications
  17. Moisture-Permeable Polyurethane Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Addresses Needs of Wearable Devices
  18. Sustainable Adhesive and Sealant Formulations Hitting their Stride
  19. 2020 Raw Materials and Chemicals Roundtable
  20. Adhesives in Automotive Assembly
  21. Meeting Modern Challenges in Bonding to Automotive Thermoplastic Olefin Plastics
  22. Polylactic Acid Polyols in Urethane Reactive Hot-Melt and Solventborne Adhesives
  23. Mixing Sustainability and Innovation
  24. COVID-19 and the Agile Supply Chain
  25. Controlling VOC Emissions from Silicone-Based Coatings

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