The FEICA 2000 World Adhesives Conference and Expo will be held September 20-23, 2000.

DÜSSELDORF, Germany — The FEICA [Association of European Adhesives Manufacturers (Fédération Européenne des Industries de Colles et Adhésifs)] 2000 World Adhesives Conference and Expo will be held September 20-23, 2000, at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain. The Conference takes place every four years, with organization rotating between the Adhesive Associations of the United States, Japan and Europe. It provides the latest updates on raw materials, production and application technologies, and laboratory equipment.

The theme of the FEICA 2000 Conference is Partnership in the Third Millennium, and it focuses on the importance of the entire supply chain in creating value. The Conference also offers regulatory information pertaining to the industry, and market information including trends, forecasts and future needs.

The Conference will be held in three different tracks: the Supplier Track, the Adhesives Manufacturer Track and the Market Track. Each track will focus on varying themes important for the entire chain, from suppliers to end users. The tracks will be divided into four sessions, each consisting of four to five papers. The sessions will be chaired by industry leaders from around the world.

The Expo will be held on September 21 in the major hall of Hotel Arts, the Gran Saló Gaudí. Products presented at the Conference will also be supported by stands in the Expo.

The program for those accompanying conference attendees includes a city walk, a visit to the Picasso museum and a trip into the Catalan country. A sightseeing tour of Barcelona will be offered for the delegates. All participants will be invited to register for the Gala dinner, the closing event of the Conference.

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