TAH: Ratio Check Cap

TAH Industries Inc. introduces the Ratio Check Cap to complement its line of two-component u-TAH™ Universal Cartridges that fit into caulking guns. The Ratio Check Cap can be used as a proportioning device when only a small amount of material is needed. The u-TAH Cartridge automatically keeps A&B separate and proportions the correct amount into the mixing container. Simply attach the ratio check cap, dispense the amount needed and mix by hand. Next, remove the ratio check cap and re-seal the u-TAH Universal Cartridge for later use.

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NORDSON: Adhesive Melters

Westlake, Ohio-based Nordson Corp.'s VersaBlue® XN Series adhesive melters enable users to dispense up to 200 liters of up to two different hot-melt adhesives for nonwoven disposable feminine hygiene, adult incontinence and infant applications, as well as to coat and laminate textiles, paper, films, and other wide-web materials. The melters, available with 50-, 100- and 200-liter holding capacities, may be used in combination with up to eight dual- or single-stream metering spur-gear pumps (which can dispense up to 118.7 cubic centimeters of adhesive per revolution), and either the Siemens® S7 or Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® programmable logic controllers. The company reports the XN series also features: graphical touch-screen panels and a single-point management system that consolidates auxiliary temperature, motor, and pressure controls; the ability to control remote applicators and metering stations; variable-speed alternating-current motors; and a grid and reservoir tank designed to reduce adhesive degradation and ensure maximum throughput.

For more information, visit http://www.nordson.com .


Union Process Inc. has announced the availability of a new S-Series Attritor specifically designed for cryogenic milling of aluminum powders. The S-50 has a special cover with a Teflon shaft seal for ultimate grinding results at low temperatures. It features a vent port for liquid nitrogen as well as ports for thermocouples. The S-50 Attritor is designed with a jacket around the exterior of the tank to maintain full vacuum at temperatures as low as -320°F. Featuring a gross tank volume of 81 gallons and a media volume of 37 gallons, this unit is constructed with a 40 HP motor with variable frequency drive (VFD). Since the mill was required to be explosion-proof, the VFD is mounted outside the hazardous area. In addition, an operator station with start/stop pushbuttons and a speed potentiometer (plus a dual meter station) is mounted on the machine.

For more information, visit http://www.unionprocess.com .