I&J FISNAR: Digital Dispenser

I&J Fisnar has announced the availability of its new SL101 air-controlled dispenser. Designed for high reliability and accuracy, this CE-certified, RoHS-compliant dispenser is also priced to bring digitally controlled dispensing to all budgets. The SL101 offers three modes of operation (manual, timed and cycle) as well as 10 memory positions to give the user optimum control and flexibility over the dispensing process. The unit is available in both 110- and 220-volt versions and is suitable for use with a range of liquids, from watery cyanoacrylates to heavy greases.

For more information, visit http://www.ijfisnar.com or e-mail info@ijfisnar.com .

CHARLES ROSS & SON CO.: Solids Liquid Injection Manifold

Charles Ross & Son Co. has announced the availability of a new laboratory model of its solids liquid injection manifold (SLIM). The SLIM system takes advantage of the strong vacuum force that occurs at the intake area and sucks in powders or liquids for immediate emulsification or dispersion. This new model includes all stainless steel surfaces and a mirror finish on the interior wetted components. As a result of this clean design, the unit is CIP/SIP-capable. The entire system is mounted on casters to enable portability and includes a 1 ¾ -gallon funnel for powder charging. Complete controls, sanitary connections, a double mechanical seal and seal barrier system are also provided.

For more information, visit http://www.highshearmixers.com or call (800) 243-ROSS.

MACTAC: Laser Labelstock

A new addition to the MACcopy® line of laser labelstock, LAS1812 is a standard weight, flexible stock designed for excellent image quality. LAS1812 has a 50# uncoated face stock specially engineered for toner fusion. Its bright whiteness, excellent opacity and first-read scan rates make this stock a great choice for producing high-quality images. This product was designed for use with medium- or high-speed, non-impact printers and copiers, as well as continuous-feed toner fusion printers. LAS1812 also features reduced heat curl when exiting from heat fusion printers. Roll-to-sheet and most ink jet applications can also be produced using LAS1812 labelstock.

For more information, visit http://www.MACtac.com .

NATIONAL ADHESIVES: Insulation Adhesives Brochure

Adhesives for Insulation - Innovative Adhesives Solutions for Insulation Products, a new folder published by National Adhesives, provides information to help manufacturers produce better, more efficient insulating materials with advanced adhesives. Increasing economic and environmental pressures on energy resources are leading to more stringent building code standards for thermal insulating materials. This folder and its contents describe adhesives solutions that meet this challenge by delivering: higher performance for roll goods with waterborne and hot-melt adhesives; increased efficiencies for HVAC assemblies with fast-tack waterborne, hot-melt and reactive adhesives; improved properties for thermal duct board sheathing with advanced high-solids, aerated foam adhesives and application systems; and higher flexibility for durable duct products with new water-based acrylic and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

For more information, call (800) 797-4992 or e-mail nscinquiry@salessupport.com .