PIAB: Vacuum Conveyors

The IC Series of vacuum conveyors was designed for high-performance, energy-efficient automated material handling in a variety of manufacturing environments. Featuring PIAB's patented COAX® multistage ejector technology, the IC Series consumes less energy than any other compressed-air driven technology on the market today. Designed for safely conveying virtually all types of materials, this model is ideal for transporting flakes, pellets and powders in a variety of applications, such as painting, textile coloring, water purification, rubber mixing, and tile molding. The IC Series is completely enclosed, protecting users from inhaling potentially harmful ingredients and preventing materials from damage due to external elements. Constructed of high-grade steel, the unit is designed to cope with the most demanding circumstances, and its unique filter design traps particles to prevent dust and contamination. As opposed to space-demanding alternative material-handling methods like belt or screw conveyors, the unit features a compact design that conserves floor space that would have otherwise been occupied by larger machinery. Additionally, material conveyed with the IC Series can be transported by pipes or hoses to provide users with extra flexibility. The IC Series is offered in three different diameters and can convey up to 2 tons of material per hour, depending upon size, conveying distance, and the material being handled.

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