RAMPF recently announced winners of its first Innovation Awards, which recognize highly innovative achievements by RAMPF Group staff.

“The RAMPF Innovation Award recognizes the groundbreaking products, solutions, and processes developed by our employees,” said Utz-Volker Jackisch, Ph.D., Innovations officer. “It is also intended to further strengthen the group’s commitment to innovation by highlighting and providing examples of the innovative strength of our companies.”

A total of 20 teams entered the inaugural innovation contest. All the participating teams were invited to RAMPF Group headquarters in Grafenberg, Germany, for the presentation of the €28,000 (~ $ 37,440) RAMPF Innovation Award. Rudolf Rampf; Günther Würtz; Matthias Rampf; Prof. Peter Eyerer from the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT); and Reiner Lohse from the Wirtschafts- und Innovationsförderungsgesellschaft (WIF) in Göppingen served as judges.

The first-place award was given for RAKU-PUR® Speed, a fast-curing, soft integral foam suitable for all technologies that require short cycle times. EPUTRONIC, a multi-axis system that reportedly meets the strictest requirements in terms of dynamics (high-speed) and accuracy (high-precision), received second place. RAKU-TOOL® CC-6012 from RAMPF Tooling Solutions received third place.

A Strategy Award worth €5,000 (~ $ 6,686) went to the team from RAMPF Production Systems for their optical bonding of displays/touch displays in a vacuum. This reportedly improves optical properties significantly, in particular for applications exposed to direct sunlight. The judges reportedly chose to give this award because this innovation has enabled the company to make significant progress in evolving from a dispensing specialist into a supplier of integrated system solutions for its customers’ production operations.

For more information, visit www.rampf-gruppe.de.