Bostik recently announced it has inaugurated the Bostik Smart Technology Centre, a new research and development center in Venette, France, near Paris.Bostik Opens R&D Center Near Paris

“This world-class R&D center—alongside its counterparts in Milwaukee in the U.S., and Shanghai, China—strengthens our global research and development capacities,” said Bernard Pinatel, chairman and CEO. “These centers are innovation-driven and focus on developing smart adhesives.”

The new facility reportedly supports upstream R&D to develop new polymers for smart adhesives, especially in polyurethanes, polyesters, and silyl-modified polymers; downstream R&D to develop innovative adhesives based, in particular, on two core Bostik technologies: hot-melt adhesives and elastic adhesives made from reactive elastomers; and pilot demonstrators designed to test the application of bonding solutions in full-scale simulations.

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