Dow Corning® EA-4600 hot-melt room-temperature-vulcanization (RTV) black adhesive is intended to provide improved assembly of consumer electronics and other demanding high-volume manufacturing operations. The adhesive is reportedly formulated to dispense easily and achieve instant green strength, which allows electronic assemblies to be handled immediately after its application.

“As demand for next-generation smart devices continues to accelerate and new design trends increasingly favor narrow bezels and other innovative designs, Dow Corning customers are seeking new and innovative adhesives that can help them meet their design and manufacturing goals,” said Leo Ryu, global segment leader for the Communication and Consumer segment. “Our new, easily dispensed EA-4600 hot-melt adhesive targets this emerging landscape. Able to deliver instant green strength after it’s dispensed, this advanced material can help speed assembly operations. The strong bonds it forms after full cure also support the cost-effective, water-resistant narrow bezels that many designers are incorporating into their next-generation concepts for smart phones, tablets and wearable technologies.”

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