Fall is in the air, which can only mean one thing: travel season! In this issue, we’re previewing two key events coming up in our industry—the Adhesive and Sealant Council’s Fall Convention and Expo, and the World Adhesive and Sealant Conference. The ASC event, taking place October 17-19 in Indianapolis, will be the last of its kind; after the fall convention, the association picks up its new once-a-year schedule. Find out what’s happening at the upcoming convention in a guest editorial from Traci Jensen, chair of the ASC Board of Directors, and senior vice president at H.B. Fuller, on p. 26. In addition, a preview of the convention keynote speakers can be found on p. 28.

The World Adhesive and Sealant Conference takes place every four years, and this fall delegates will gather October 26-28 in Tokyo. Read more about what you can expect at the conference and exhibition on p. 32. And if you’ll be there, too, be sure to stop by the ASI booth to say “konnichiwa.”

Raw materials are the building blocks of every formulation; our annual “Raw Materials and Chemicals Overview” takes a look at some of the common chemicals and raw materials used in adhesives and sealants. The American Chemistry Council’s “Global Chemical Production Regional Index” shows that the 2016 second quarter ended on a soft note, with the headline index rising only 0.1% on a three-month moving average basis in June. Read more beginning on p. 12.  ASI

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