PPG recently announced its partnership with Renault-Nissan Alliance to deliver tailor-made structural adhesives to more than 1 million Renault, Nissan and Samsung cars across Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.

The companies co-developed the technology, which reportedly delivers durability and manufacturing efficiency that is above industry standards. The partnership involved extensive testing at PPG’s tech center in Saint-Just-en-Chaussée, and Renault Nissan plants, as well as designing new chemical formulations to enhance the glue’s performance.

“Our chemists and engineers worked side by side with Renault Nissan’s designers and manufacturing teams across Asia, the Middle East and Europe to deliver this unique technology,” said Maxime Goldberg, PPG global business director, automotive adhesives and sealants (A&S).

“The industry is rapidly changing with new technologies and materials used to design and manufacture cars,” said Pascal Saunier, PPG key account manager of Renault-Nissan, A&S. “Today, original equipment manufacturers are under enormous pressure to reduce the weight of a car, and our custom made structural adhesives are a continuation of our ambition to solve some of their biggest challenges.”

For more information, visit www.ppg.com.