This company has unveiled DOWSIL™ EA 3500G fast-cure adhesive, a new silicone capable of building primerless adhesion within 10 min at room temperature, delivering the processing speed typical of a heat-cure adhesive in a cost-efficient moisture-cure formulation. The adhesive also retains its physical and electrical properties at temperatures ranging from ‑49°-392°F, reportedly ensuring the reliability and service life of LED lamps and luminaires, as well as home appliances, mobile devices, industrial circuit boards, and other components to which it is applied.

“LED lamps and luminaires represent an ever-growing share of the general lighting market, which places rising pressure on manufacturers to increase production volumes while maintaining cost efficiencies,” said Peter Wang, global market segment leader. “DOWSIL EA 3500G fast-cure adhesive offers a targeted solution for these difficult goals, and exemplifies the proactive and collaborative innovation that Dow Performance Silicones applies to its customers’ challenges.”

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