This company, a global business unit of DowDuPont’s Materials Science Division, has introduced a new high-performance material to its portfolio of advanced assembly solutions for the automotive industry. Offered under the new DOWSIL™ brand (formerly Dow Corning®) EA-6060 adhesive reportedly develops strong adhesion to metal and plastic substrates in under an hour at temperatures below 100°C. This can offer manufactures of automotive control units, sensors and modules significant process optimization opportunities.

“Many automotive suppliers are under pressure to speed assembly and lower production costs without compromising the performance of control units and sensor modules,” said Roger Reinders, global marketing director. “New DOWSIL EA-6060 adhesive helps to address all of these challenges by forming fast, reliable bonds on common metal and plastic substrates at lower temperatures than currently available products.”

Available as a two-part formulation, the adhesive reportedly develops required adhesion within 30 min at 80°C (176°F), though the material also allows accelerated cure at higher temperatures. After cure, it can deliver reliable adhesion for common substrates, such as the metal housings and plastic lids used in automotive module assembly. The  adhesive reportedly supports precision metering and dispensing equipment while remaining free of bubbles and voids.

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