DOWSIL™ SE 9100 and 9160 adhesives have been added to this company’s line of one-part, room-temperature cure silicone solutions. In addition to offering versatile processing options, the two silicone adhesives bond well to most substrates, can deliver rework ability with no residue, exhibit high flow to fill narrow gaps, and enable cure-in-place-gaskets that offer effective seals compatible with IPX7-rated water resistance.

SE 9100 adhesive is a one-part silicone formulation that achieves fast tack-free processing at room temperature with the option to accelerate cure with the application of heat. It reportedly demonstrates low (< 1%) shrinkage by volume after cure to minimize internal stress for optimal sealing, and offers cost-effective processing and repairability during the assembly of mobile and display modules and other consumer devices.

SE 9160 exhibits many of these same properties, yet its dual-cure formulation offers the option of faster in-line processing through irradiation with ultraviolet (UV) energy at densities as low as 4,000mJ/cm2 to component assembly to continue within seconds. Higher densities (10,000mJ/cm2) can enable the material to achieve full, deep section cure. In addition, in designs where the silicone adhesive is partially “in shadow” from the UV lamp, the company’s new innovative silicone adhesive can still secure rapid moisture cure.

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