IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries® recently announced the February 2019 findings from its North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. Sales and orders both experienced solid year-over-year growth in February 2019, and the book-to-bill ratio strengthened to 1.06. Based on revised data from the industry, January business results made a much stronger showing than originally reported.

Total North American PCB shipments in February 2019 were up 13.9%, following a 15.5% rise in January, compared to the same months last year. Year-to-date sales growth in February was 14.7%. Compared to the preceding month, February shipments decreased 5.2%.

PCB bookings in February 2019 increased 10.7% compared to February 2018 after decreasing 1.7% in January. Year-to-date order growth in February was up 4.4%. Bookings in February were up 8.8% from the previous month.

“Revised January data from the North American PCB industry brought welcome changes to the 2019 business results to date,” said Sharon Starr, IPC’s director of market research. “After slowing growth in the latter part of 2018, strong growth has returned in 2019. The book-to-bill ratio rebounded from a corrected level of 1.02 in January to 1.06 in February, indicating the likelihood of continued sales growth in the coming months.”

Additional details are available at www.ipc.org.