At this year’s Bondexpo, which will be held October 7-10 in Stuttgart, Germany, Panacol will present Vitralit® UC 1535, a new transparent adhesive specifically designed for use in electronics. The adhesive reportedly hardens with UV light within a few seconds and can be used for semiconductor production due to its low ion content.

According to the company, Vitralit UC 1535 is an epoxy-based UV-curing adhesive that hardens quickly. It is easy to dispense and non-shear-thinning. In just a few seconds, the adhesive can be cured with radiation in the UVA range from 320-390 nm.

The adhesive was especially designed for the assembly and production of electronic and opto-mechanical components. For example, Vitralit UC 1535 is being used to bond glass lenses in optical systems. Once cured, the adhesive reportedly features a transparent, optically clear and brilliant surface that is very hard and scratch-resistant. Vitralit UC 1535 is non-yellowing and remains optically clear even when exposed to high temperatures.

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