Panacol has developed Vitralit® 50004, a new optically clear adhesive. The one-component UV-curable acrylic adhesive with ultra-low viscosity is used for bonding displays and laminating optics. Vitralit 50004 reportedly adheres specifically to a variety of substrates, including coated glass, PET, and other plastics and films. According to the company, the adhesive possesses a very low viscosity that facilitates fast filling of cavities without air entrapment. It cures quickly with minimal shrinkage for less residual stress between substrates. 

Large-surface bonding or lamination of displays can be optimized using Hoenle’s LED Spot 100 curing system, which is matched to the photoinitiators of Vitralit 50004. Once cured, Vitralit 50004 is very soft. According to Panacol, thermal stresses between dissimilar substrates can be neutralized without causing delamination. The adhesive’s high degree of flexibility enhances performance through repeated thermal excursions. Once cured, it is optically clear and non-yellowing, with excellent light transmission.

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