Robnor ResinLab recently announced the launch of a new development material, PX19-GE3259-03. According to the company, this epoxy foam offers good adhesion to a variety of substrates, is particularly suitable for void-filling applications, and has good compressive strength for the backfilling of parts. It can also be used in the casting of buoyant materials or as a machinable epoxy foam for model making.

The lightweight foam has a low density of approximately 0.25 g/cm. Since a relatively small amount of material is required to fill a large volume, material waste and cost are reduced. In addition, PX19-GE3259-03 reportedly offers good thermal post-cure performance and has an operating temperature of up to 150°C.

With a low viscosity of 3,000 (when mixed), the material is reportedly easy to process and work with. The system’s slow foaming reaction reportedly generates low pressure during expansion and has a cure time of 24 hrs at room temperature. PX19-GE3259-03 is also available as a three-component system, which allows users to adjust the foam density to suit their specific application requirements. 

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