Master Bond EP62-1AO is a two-part epoxy adhesive and sealant with a working life of 12-14 hr at ambient temperature for a 100-g mass. According to the company, this makes it beneficial when bonding and sealing large or intricate parts that may need ample time for mixing and applying. The material reportedly has a high strength profile with a tensile modulus of 600,000-650,000 psi and a tensile strength of 5,000-6,000 psi. The service temperature range is -60-450˚F, and it offers a glass transition temperature of 120-125°C.

EP62-1AO is both electrically insulating and thermally conductive, with a thermal conductivity value of 9-10 BTU/in (ft2/hr/°F), or 1.30-1.44 W (m/K). It can withstand a wide range of acids, bases, and solvents. EP62-1AO has a coefficient of thermal expansion of 18-21 x 10-6 in/in/°C. 

The viscosity of the mixed compound is of a thixotropic paste consistency. Several cure schedule options are available; they all require a relatively low heat activation. Additional post curing for 2-4 hr at 200-300°F is recommended to obtain optimal performance properties. It is available in 30-cc syringe kits, ½-pint kits, pint kits, and quart kits. The color of Part A is off white, and Part B is dark brown.

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