Life during COVID-19 has brought about issues that many of us never envisioned back in early March. On top of innumerable personal challenges, many of our businesses have seen true upheavals. Operating with uncertainty is always difficult, but today’s environment of constant change, ambiguity, and even conflict can lead to especially problematic decision making.

Along those lines, I’m excited to announce a new column—“M&A Corner”—that will serve to broaden our understanding of business and industry dynamics. In his debut, Andy Hinz of Grace Matthews details the impact that COVID-19 has had on industry-relevant merger and acquisition activity, as well as some projections for the future. Read all about it in “The Black Swan.”

The automotive industry has thankfully begun to climb back after the dismal shutdowns of early 2020, and automotive applications continue to offer myriad opportunities for adhesives and sealants. As Sika Automotive’s Greg Moran writes, “The use of adhesives is by no means new, but their growing use enables design trends that even 10 years ago were improbable.” Check out “Adhesives in Automotive Assembly” to learn more.

COVID-19 has also had a radical influence on our ability to physically come together, whether to socialize, go to school or work, or attend industry events. While many trade shows that had been scheduled for the spring unfortunately had to be outright cancelled or postponed as the pandemic initially spread, organizers of fall events have had the opportunity to develop virtual alternatives that offer attendees similar learning opportunities and other activities.

The ASSEMBLY Show is one such event. Early access began in August, the event is being held October 27-28, and on-demand login opportunities will last through June 2021. Find details in “Industry Assembles Virtually at The ASSEMBLY Show.”