Organizers of The ASSEMBLY Show have reimagined the event in a new accessible way due to ongoing concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees’ virtual tickets enable access to the online portal October 27-28, 2020, as well as early access that began in August and on-demand login availability through June 2021.

The industry-leading, fully interactive virtual event is designed to bring attendees the latest information on assembly equipment and process improvement strategies, plus networking—delivered directly to their homes and offices. Attendees will be able to view presentations at their convenience and continue to connect with other event participants long after the show concludes.


Educational Sessions

Subject matter experts from leading companies in assembly manufacturing will present educational sessions on a broad array of topics. Attendees can conveniently learn about the latest trends, equipment, products, and technologies to gain valuable insights on what they need to improve their operations. A sampling of the 20 sessions includes:

  • How New Fluid Dispensing Technology Improves First Pass Yields in High-End Markets, by Nikhil Bhiwankar, senior director of Nordson Corp.’s Dispense Systems Unit. Bhiwankar will detail the latest advances in precision fluid dispensing technology and discuss how they are being used to increase throughput with less rejects and rework in high-tech manufacturing sectors.
  • Driven By Data—The Role of RFID and Machine Vision in Assembly and Production, by Wolfgang Kratzenberg, traceability sales specialist, and Logan Welch, machine vision technical sales specialist, with Baluff Inc. Their presentation will focus on how RFID and vision technology have intersected to create a more efficient process and higher quality products.
  • Leak Testing: Evolving Needs Require Innovative Solutions, by Paul Chamberlain, CEO/president of LACO Technologies. As new technologies are developed and more demanding performance is required of existing products, manufacturers are facing increasing challenges when selecting and implementing production leak testing solutions. The presentation will explore these challenges and touch on some of the innovations that will be needed to meet market needs.
  • Why IoT Won’t Revolutionize the Auto Assembly Line, by Adrian Jennings, chief product advocate with Ubisense. The Internet of Things (IoT) is potentially revolutionary for many industries, but will it revolutionize automotive assembly? In this presentation, Jennings argues that the overwhelming majority of manual workflow in the assembly plant means that OEMs will need to look beyond IoT for full digital process connectivity.
  • Resolving the Labor Crisis in Manufacturing, by Joe Campbell, head of Americas marketing and applications development for Universal Robots. Manufacturers today are facing an imminent predicament: a labor crisis. A recent Society of Manufacturing Engineers study found that 89% of manufacturers are currently having difficulty finding skilled workers. In this session, the manufacturing crisis will be defined and beneficial automation strategies will be discussed—solutions that take over the dull, dirty, and dangerous manufacturing jobs while improving product quality, enhancing productivity, and attracting new talent to manufacturing.


Additional Features

The ASSEMBLY Show virtual portal includes numerous additional features to enhance the attendee experience. A virtual library includes content that provides details regarding new equipment and technologies from top companies. Attendees are encouraged to download digital handouts, product demos, videos, and other content made available by speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Convenient networking will enable attendees to connect with professionals from around the world and forge long-lasting business partnerships. Virtual networking provides the opportunity to search for other event participants with shared interests and connect in a number of ways, including direct messages, meeting requests, virtual meeting rooms, group chats, and social media. 

To view the full schedule and register, visit the virtual portal at