The new 128-32 series of anisotropically conductive B-stageable silver-filled epoxy adhesives can be applied by screen-printing, dipping, and syringe dispensing. According to Creative Materials, these products feature excellent adhesion to a variety of metallic contact pad compositions, as well as other substrates.

Applications for the 128-32 series include conductive splicing of ribbon cables, electrical attachment of surface-mounted devices, and bonding of flex circuits to PC boards and electroluminescent panels. The 128-32 series is reportedly especially useful in preventing shorts in applications where closely spaced contacts is a concern. 128-32FP features a finer pitch than traditional anisotropic conductive materials. In addition, the 128-32 product series offers a faster cure at lower temperatures, snap cure at higher temperatures, and longer working time. The 128-32 system features excellent thermal stability.

Additional products in this series can provide custom versions specific to the target pad size and pitch. In addition, 128-32-F series are B-stageable film versions of the product.

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