The technologies of today make it almost impossible to discuss the transportation industry without also bringing electronics into the conversation. Various sensors and other devices monitor or facilitate the operation of nearly every aspect of a vehicle’s operation, in one way or another. As electric and autonomous vehicles become increasingly mainstream, electronics will certainly play an ever-expanding role in the future.

“To protect these electronics, suppliers of automotive electronics modules often use cure-in-place liquid adhesives or sealants,” writes Brad Tuft of Dow in this issue. “Suppliers, however, must differentiate among a variety of material types to select high-performance solutions to continuously protect crucial systems through many years of service life.”

In his article, “Silicone Adhesives for Lifetime Performance in Vehicle Electrification and Autonomy,” Tuft discusses the properties of silicones that make them effective in these capacities, as well as curing options, adhesive selection for specific applications, testing considerations, and more.

Of course, adhesives and sealants find widespread use throughout vehicle assembly, from bonding components such as floor panels and roofs to providing protection against contaminants and harsh environments. When compared to traditional fasteners, structural adhesives also provide the necessary rigidity and strength while reducing a vehicle’s weight. For that reason alone, adhesives will see increasing adoption in the coming years. Learn more in “Redefining the Future of the Transportation Sector with Adhesives and Sealants”.


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