We’re focusing on adhesives in assembly applications in this issue of ASI, and it’s always exciting to see the industry’s development of new technologies in this sector, as well as the increasing willingness of OEMs and others to accept them. From automotive and construction to general industrial applications, the use of adhesives and sealants is expanding in assembly operations around the world.

Our cover story this month details the various ways that adhesives are used in electronics assembly. “Adhesives provide a strong bond while protecting components against the damaging effects of excessive vibration, heat, moisture, corrosion, mechanical shock, and extreme environmental conditions,” writes Hernon Manufacturing’s Simla Ay. “They also offer thermal and electrically conductive properties, as well as UV curing abilities.”

How are adhesives replacing traditional electronics assembly methods? Which adhesive chemistries work best in various electronics applications? Ay shares answers to these questions, and more, in “Adhesives for Electronics Assembly.”

In addition to bonding two substrates together, structural adhesives are tasked with load-bearing responsibilities. PPG has worked with U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Army Research Laboratory (ARL) to develop a new adhesive technology to address critical requirements in armor assemblies.

“Designed to meet or exceed MIL-PRF-32662, this one-component, epoxy-based thermoset technology is expected to enable the development and manufacturing of personal, vehicle, and aircraft composite armor systems with unparalleled performance in the harshest operating environments,” write Brian Rearick and Marvin Pollum in this issue. “Through innovative materials design, PPG researchers were able to push performance boundaries to achieve high adhesive ductility without sacrificing overall adhesive strength, maximizing the material’s toughness.”

Learn more about this award-winning development in “Structural Adhesive Pushes Performance Boundaries for Composite Armor Systems.”

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