For more than 170 years, Lohmann has produced double-coated adhesive tape technology. To this day, it remains the company’s core business, with about 1,440 patents for adhesive bonds filed thus far.

With a strong history of acquisitions, Lohmann acquired Koester GmbH & Co. KG in 1991; the company manufactures self-adhesive and mechanical closures for diapers and incontinence pads, offering skin-compatible hot-melt adhesives and adhesive tape solutions for hygiene, medical, and technical applications. In 1998, Lohamnn entered into a joint enterprise with Austria-based Rauscher. The resulting company, Lohmann & Rauscher, provides medical products.

Today, Lohmann uses a “Smart Bonding Approach” to create tailor-made adhesive solutions for customers in nearly every sector of manufacturing, from medical and automotive to home appliance and flexographic printing. Fully integrated with over 1,800 employees worldwide and 29 international sites, Lohmann has exclusive sales partners in over 50 countries around the world.

Wide-Ranging Solutions

Lohmann partners with customers for the design, scale-up, and commercialization of many products, including medical devices. In this space, the company develops, manufactures, and supplies adhesive solutions for direct skin contact. As COVID-19 tests were developed and commercialized, the company adapted to meet critical demand from leading manufacturers of rapid-care, lateral-flow devices known as “quick tests.” Lohmann’s products and processes are currently used by at least six different manufacturers of rapid and antigen tests. The company received the Cardinal Comeback Award from Orange County, Va., for playing a critical role in this global healthcare emergency.

For ballistics, automotive, and many industrial applications, Lohmann’s Reactive Chemistry product line saves time and reduces costs by virtually eliminating adhesive curing times. Part of this line, UV-LUX® is a color-changing, light-activated adhesive suited for semi-structural and structural bonding. As it’s applied, adheres, and cures, the adhesive changes colors to signal its chemical progression: blue on room-temperature application, pink when activated by UV light, and purple within 24 hrs to indicate curing is complete.


Lohmann’s adhesives help appliance manufacturers build products that are stronger, lighter, and more cost effective.

Lohmann’s adhesives also help appliance manufacturers build products that are stronger, lighter, and more cost effective. One approach that has helped appliance manufactures become more efficient is the Lohmann Bonding Arena®, a program that helps to quickly determine which adhesive solution best suits the customer’s needs. 

For the flexographic printing industry, Lohmann’s DuploFLEX® plate-mounting tapes offer a foam design that gives precise control of print results with new adhesive packages designed to solve challenging press room problems. Lohmann worked closely with customers to understand their challenges and developed products to address these issues. As a result of this collaboration, flexographic printers have significantly reduced the amount of edge lift, bounce, and chatter.

Companies must be committed to being leaders in the environmental space for many ethical and practical reasons. First and foremost is the reality that we only have one planet, and we all share it. Lohmann has reduced its carbon footprint with a big step toward sustainable adhesive bonding by launching the TwinMelt® family of products, featuring solvent-free acrylic and rubber adhesives.  

Collaborative Relationships

An environment in which customers are allowed to participate fully is more conducive to a two-way exchange of ideas; the outcome of this philosophy is greater innovation. Market-focused solutions result from these collaborative efforts between manufacturing customers and suppliers. Born from an entrepreneurial spirit, Lohmann remains a company dedicated to solving bonding challenges.

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