Henkel will be attending the Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium 2022, held from September 27-28, in Detroit, Michigan. Henkel is presenting its advanced product portfolio, including structural bonding and thermal management material solutions. The event will also provide an opportunity for customers to meet Henkel representatives to draw on their extensive experience to discover the best solutions for their specific needs for displays.

As the trend in automotive display design is to go larger, thinner, lighter, and more varied designs that increasingly use dissimilar materials, manufacturing becomes more complex. Henkel enables the production of automotive displays with an advanced portfolio of innovative products tailored to the specific challenges in structural bonding and thermal management.

At the 29th symposium, Courtney Freeland, senior application engineer at Henkel, will give a technical presentation that focuses on structural bonding and thermal management for automotive displays. The presentation will introduce Henkel’s latest achievements in structural bonding and the product capabilities for automotive displays. The presentation explores market trends and the associated challenges on the display bonding process as well as providing an overview of ideal thermal management practices with liquid gap fillers that are applicable for PCBs, graphic boards, and LEDs used in the newest automotive smart cockpits.

Solving Bonding Challenges in Automotive Display

Henkel’s structural adhesives for automotive displays bond components throughout the entire display, from TFT-modules and cover lenses to frames and barrel structures. Henkel is providing solutions to a variety of bonding challenges, such as bonding dissimilar substrates or compensating for thermal expansion differences without transferring stresses to the display. Henkel’s in-house expertise in structural bonding is reinforced by a versatile equipment portfolio for dispensing, curing, or accelerating the curing speed of adhesives.

Improved Thermal Management Materials: Advanced Liquid Gap Fillers

Modern, multi-functional displays and infotainment systems have become increasingly powerful and generate more heat due to their increased size and broader functionality. The resulting increased heat emission by display components makes advanced thermal interface materials essential. With advanced liquid gap filler solutions, Henkel offers a variety of thermal interface materials in a spectrum of media and thermal conductivities to meet various heat dissipation requirements and manufacturing preferences. And these solve the most challenging thermal control issues in automotive electronics and displays. Henkel’s Bergquist brand meets the challenges that automotive display manufacturing provides to perfectly address customers’ needs.

“As a market leader in automotive adhesives, we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting field. The symposium gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with our partners in the automotive industry about the needs and innovations across the automotive supply chain. In addition to our innovative portfolio, Henkel is also providing high specification application equipment to enable the production of advanced automotive displays,” said Freeland.

Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium 2022

The 29th annual symposium is organized by the Society for Information Display (SID). SID is an association of the top scientists, engineers, corporate researchers, and other roles within the display industry, and offers a technical program focused on the automotive display industry. 

Further information is available at www.vehicledisplay.org/program.html and www.henkel.com.