At the 2019 Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which will be held September 10-12 in Novi, Mich., Henkel reports that it will display its latest material technologies for cost-effective high-volume assembly, protection, and thermal control of next-generation electric vehicle (EV) battery systems. Show delegates are invited to attend several Henkel speaker events and visit the e-Mobility team in booth 1201.

Understanding the competitive requirements to lower battery cost, raise performance, and ensure operational safety and reliability, Henkel materials specialists have reportedly developed novel formulations that allow for large-scale production at high speed, reduce the risk of thermal event-related safety concerns, and enable various battery architectures. At the event, the company will debut its latest automation-enabling innovation that eliminates the risk of silicone outgassing. The 3.0 W/m-K silicone-free liquid gap filler, BERGQUIST® TGF 3010APS, reportedly provides ample thermal performance while removing any concern of silicone interference in the auto body paint operation. Booth visitors can also learn more about Henkel’s portfolio of thermal materials, including BERGQUIST GAP PADS® and thermal adhesives with structural shear strength of > 10 MPa to accommodate for varying coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs).

As automotive manufacturers look to increase production speed and flexibility, adhesive solutions that allow for the fast assembly of large quantities of cells are becoming increasingly important. Henkel reports that its line of TEROSON® and LOCTITE® battery assembly adhesives offer accelerated cure (< 15 sec) and strong adhesion with multi-surface adaptability throughout the battery system. Among the newest solutions, TEROSON MS9396 is a silane-modified, one-component, moisture-cure material with high adhesion to multiple substrates, delivering a solution for applications where good elongation is required.

Battery pack housings are secured through the use of Henkel liquid gasketing technologies that provide protection from leakage and defend against external contaminants. Reportedly process and service friendly, the range of form-in-place and cure-in-place gasketing materials allows the top cover of the pack to be reopened for serviceability or repair. In addition, the materials are flame retardant and UL94 compliant.

Designed specifically for challenging environments, LOCTITE ECCOBOND® UF 1173 underfill reportedly offers protection of array devices within high-operating-temperature, high-reliability automotive applications. The one-component underfill can be jet or needle dispensed, flows fast in and around tight interspaces, and cures quickly to form void-free interconnect protection from shock, drop, and vibration. In addition, Henkel reports that the material has been formulated to contain no reportable REACH SVHCs (substances of very high concern) and is not CMR classified.

Battery management system control boards demand electrical interconnect integrity for proper function and reliability. Henkel’s LOCTITE GC temperature-stable solder pastes and its high-reliability 90iSC alloy, which was reportedly designed in cooperation with automotive industry leaders, provide proven performance for today’s automotive electronic systems.

In addition to its exhibit presence, Henkel technical experts will share their knowledge during conference presentations, Exhibit Theater educational sessions, and in-booth demonstrations. For more information, visit Details regarding the event are available at