At the Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium, which will be held September 28-29 online and in Detroit, Mich., Henkel will introduce a new bonding solution that reportedly brings speed, performance, and flexibility to display manufacture. Due to the constraints of the pandemic, Penny Yi Pan, Henkel’s business development manager for Automotive Display APAC, will present via a video presentation at the symposium. Her presentation will also be made available online to global attendees via the virtual symposium that will run in parallel. 

Entitled “Material & Process of Structural Bonding for Automotive Displays,” the presentation will introduce a new structural bonding method from Henkel that accurately and efficiently cures adhesives in display applications. Henkel reports that the method, called SpeedCure, uses radiation to induce the heat required to cure, or accelerate the cure of adhesives and materials, with a cycle time for mass production of between 30-90 seconds. The presentation will also provide an overview of Henkel’s adhesive and equipment solutions and application process expertise for the display industry.

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