News from Kraton regarding a sustainability-related certification drew the most reader interest last week (Kraton Announces ISCC Plus Certification for the Manufacture of Renewable Styrenic Block Copolymers): “Kraton Corp. recently announced that the company has received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certification to produce ISCC Plus Certified renewable styrenic block copolymers (SBCs) at its facility in Berre, France. ISCC PLUS certification is a globally recognized system that provides traceability of recycled and renewable-based materials across the supply chain and verifies that companies meet social and environmental standards.

“Kraton will launch the newly ISCC Plus certified renewable polymers as the CirKular+™ ReNew Series, further expanding its existing CirKular+ product line of plastic upcycling and circular economy solutions. With up to 70% renewable content, the ReNew Series offers customers the opportunity to use the mass balance approach and adopt ISCC PLUS certification to produce renewable products. In this approach, renewable and fossil fuel feedstocks are combined in the production process. The method also enables the tracking of renewable content in the value chain and attributes it based on verifiable bookkeeping. The initial production of the series will start in Europe at the facility in Berre, France, using certified renewable butadiene; it is expected to increase gradually to meet growing market demand over the coming years.”

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Top 5 News that Sticks for January 2-8

  1. Kraton Announces ISCC Plus Certification for the Manufacture of Renewable Styrenic Block Copolymers
  2. Zaheer Joins H.B. Fuller’s Board of Directors
  3. WACKER Announces Ambitious New Sustainability Goals
  4. Elkem Announces Project to Eliminate Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Silicon Production
  5. Chromaflo Names Leonard Industry Manager for Industrial Coatings in the Americas

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