DELO® Industrial Adhesives recently announced it has received the German Industry’s Innovation Award in the category of SMEs. The company was reportedly honored forDELO Receives Innovation Award its research activities to reduce reflection on displays with the help of transparent adhesives.

Displays are gaining ground in many industries, from consumer electronics to cars and industrial systems. However, their readability under sunlight is a well-known issue, due to the air gap between display and glass cover that refracts the sunlight. DELO’s adhesives reportedly fill this gap and thus reduce the reflections by two thirds. This saves energy consumed by the backlight of the display.

“This award is a great honor for our entire team and confirms all of our research efforts,” said Wolf-Dietrich Herold, Ph.D., managing partner. “At the same time, it demonstrates the important role our high-tech adhesives play in modern products. Innovation means future. It is the key to our success. Therefore, we intend to invest even more than 15% of our sales revenues in future research and development.”

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