A comprehensive range of high-performance assembly adhesives is now available from this company. The polyurethane, epoxy, hybrid, silicone, and hot-melt systems can reportedly ensure reliable bonding in applications including automotive/transportation, filter, electrical/electronics, wood processing, lightweight construction, and white goods.

“Our aim was to develop superior adhesive solutions for the widest possible range of assembly applications,” said Klaus Schamel, Ph.D., managing director. “And we have succeeded in developing a very broad spectrum of properties that enable us to offer our customers tailor-made, high-quality polyurethane, epoxy, hybrid, silicone, and hot-melt systems.”

RAKU-PUR are one- and two-component polyurethane-based adhesive systems that offer low to high viscosity; good adhesion to plastics, metals, wood and engineered-wood materials; and exposure times from a few minutes to more than three hours.

RAKU-POX epoxy-based adhesive systems have a pot life and exposure times from a few minutes to three hours, good adhesion to metal (including aluminum), high temperature resistance (from -55-180°C) and high chemical resistance.

RAKU-SIL one- and two-component silicone-based adhesive systems offer a range of open times; can provide high-strength elastic adhesion and sealing; are reportedly extremely water repellent; and offer universal adhesion, even on metals.

RAKU-MELT hot-melt adhesive systems are thermoplastic or reactive; have exposure times from a few seconds to more than 20 minutes; can provide a quick initial bonding strength; and are applied using a roller, spray or slot nozzle, or dot or bead application. 

For more information, visit www.rampf-gruppe.de.