Success cannot happen without innovation. With this in mind, we developed the ASI Readers’ Choice Award as a way to honor the industry’s hard work and ingenuity. Companies were invited to submit their best-of-the-best products, and our readers and online community voted for their favorite.

I’m thrilled to announce that the votes have been counted, and the winner is Primo Protein Adhesive, developed by L.D. Davis Industries Inc.


Formulated Adhesives/Sealants: L.D. Davis Industries Inc.—Primo Adhesives

Customers in the rigid box and laminating industries have been struggling with some of their more difficult substrates. Mylar, foil, soft-touch film laminations, and others have historically been difficult to bond. It was our mission to manufacture an adhesive for this industry problem, and we have found a solution.

Our technical department has developed a protein adhesive to improve adhesion to soft-touch film laminations. These laminations normally have low surface dyne levels that can make it difficult to adhere the back of the film laminations to the face of the film laminations using a protein adhesive. For those challenging materials, our NW160 is a new modified protein adhesive that machines well and develops tack during application while improving the overall final bond. Along with film laminations, other versions of our Primo adhesives bond excellently with other difficult substrates as well.

The two main issues we have seen from our customers is the bubbling of the finished product, which has caused added stress because boxes would have to be physically rubbed down to prevent this; and pop-ups. L.D. Davis’s Primo adhesives have reduced bubbling and reduced the issue of pop ups. Additional advantages include eco-friendly properties (biodegradable), keeps machines clean, reduces bubbling on finished product, and quick tack during application. For more information, visit



Formulated Adhesives/Sealants: Hernon Manufacturing Inc.—Fusionbond 372

One of the most important safety features that a vehicle can offer is structural integrity. The impact resistance of the structural adhesive used to build these vehicles is critical and a necessary feature. Hernon Fusionbond 372 offers the highest impact resistance (more than double of other structural adhesives), as well as a superior bond to a wide selection of substrates, including metals, fiberglass, wood, rubber and ceramics with minimal surface preparation requirements. The advanced environmental resistant properties of Fusionbond 372 make it ideal for any manufactured component that can benefit from structural integrity. This product offers superior sheer strength, environmental resistance and halogen-free chemistry for the electronic manufacturing industry. For more information, visit

Editor's note: This information was provided by the companies mentioned. This does not represent an endorsement from ASI.