This company now offers one-component epoxy resins that reportedly withstand temperatures ranging from -65°C to 250°C (-85°F to 482°F). These anhydride-based adhesives are ideal for bonding and encapsulating sensors and semiconductors.

Designed for high-reliability applications found in automotive, power electronics, and oil drilling, these chemical-resistant adhesives reportedly feature universal adhesive strength, a high level of stability and processing characteristics like flexible curing or good flow properties. Because of dense crosslinking, these anhydride adhesives have high temperature and chemical resistance and a low thermal expansion of 11 ppm/K or lower.

The anhydride-based adhesives reportedly remain strong and stable at temperatures as high as +250°C,  even after 500 hours of storage at that temperature. In addition, the adhesives have a tensile strength of 50 MPa, while compression shear strength on ceramic remains at 8 MPa at a measured temperature of +220°C. 

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