Formulated to conform to highly intricate metal and plastic components, Fermapor K31 is a product line of two-component, crosslinking polyurethane formed-in-place (FIP) foam sealants designed to create a barrier gasket that protects industrial assemblies from moisture, dust, dirt, liquids, and other contaminants. The products reportedly offer cost and performance advantages over prefabricated, manually applied cut gaskets. The technology seals electrical and electronic housings, lighting enclosures, appliances, automotive components, and other contaminant-sensitive consumer and industrial assemblies.

Two-component Fermapor K31 cures at room-temperature when its resin and hardener are mixed during the dispense process. Ovens are not required, but heat may accelerate cure. Once applied, Fermapor K31 expands to its full size in seconds. The sealing foam adheres to and seals different substrates and shapes, and provides 100% contact between mating parts. The gasket’s mixed-cell foam structure makes this sealant compressible, with elastic recovery of 90-97%.

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