Four technologies from Dow were recently recognized with 2019 R&D 100 awards from R&D World magazine. The R&D 100 awards honor research and development pioneers and their contributions to science and technology. The 2019 awards will be given out at the annual R&D 100 conference on December 5, 2019.

“Four R&D 100 winning technologies signals the on-going strength of innovation at Dow,” said A.N. Sreeram, senior vice president of Research & Development and chief technology officer for Dow. “The awards celebrate the hard work of Dow scientists and engineers in the creation of innovative new products that address customer needs. These products bring overwhelming value to our customers in product performance and benefits while simultaneously being more sustainable.”

The award-winning technologies include:

  • IMAGIN3D™ polyethylene OBC, a printable polyethylene-based build material that brings polyolefin properties to 3D printing without the issues commonly associated with printing polypropylene
  • Dow Performance Silicones’ SYL-OFF™ SL-25 release modifier, which is intended to use together with solventless SYL-OFF™ release coatings, crosslinkers, and catalyst for fast coating and converting processes, offers stable release profile across high-speed label converting operations at different peeling speeds and helps maintain good anchorage performance
  • Dow Performance Silicones’ SILASTIC™ MS-4007, which enables the use of LEDs in advanced automotive and architectural outdoor and indoor lighting applications; the moldable optical silicone is intelligently designed to offer design flexibility, the ability to withstand long exposure to high flux density, and excellent photo-thermal stability, enabling lighting innovations such as the Ephesus lighting system for sport and recreational lighting
  • GREAT STUFF™ SMART DISPENSER™, a patented material delivery device that meets unmet user needs for application of one-component polyurethane foam in the building and construction industry; the system enables reuse of the foam product for up to 30 days, provides users with precision dispensing control, eliminates dripping material, and provides ergonomic improvements*

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*The GREAT STUFF™ SMART DISPENSER™ was developed by Dow prior to merging with DuPont as DowDuPont, and Dow and DuPont were both named recipients of the R&D 100 Award. As a result of the final corporate restructurings, GREAT STUFF™ is now a product of DuPont.