Podcasts that resonated most with listeners in 2020 featured discussions on megatrends and innovation, specific adhesives and materials technologies, COVID-19, and many more. Listed here are the 20 most-downloaded Bonding with ASI podcasts of 2020:

  1. Henkel’s Mike Olosky on Megatrends
  2. H.B. Fuller President and CEO Jim Owens on Innovation
  3. PVOH in Adhesives and Coatings Formulations
  4. Vincent Legros, Chairman and CEO of Bostik, on Sustainability
  5. Managing Today’s R&D Processes
  6. Concerns Regarding GLYMO in Packaging Adhesives
  7. Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Tapes
  8. Vacuum Potting Electronics Components
  9. Exploring Sustainability as a Growth Driver
  10. Structural Adhesives for Commercial Transportation Vehicles
  11. Understanding Napthenic Oil
  12. Henkel’s Culture of Innovation
  13. Bio-Based Adhesive and Sealant Formulations
  14. Adhesives Help Improve Face Shield Production Efficiency
  15. Navigating Business Dynamics During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  16. COVID-19 and the Economy
  17. Determining the Best Adhesive Solution
  18. COVID-19 Supply Chain and Market Impacts
  19. Addressing Sustainability through Mixing and Other Processes
  20. ASC Update on COVID-19 and 2020 Activities

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